Are you turning customers away?

There is a very high probability that you’re turning customers away if you don’t have a mobile friendly website.

With over half of the adults in the U.S. now using smartphones to check e-mail and access the internet, it’s no wonder that mobile website development is on the rise.  However, a surprising number of small businesses haven’t jumped aboard the mobile website train.  When I first saw the statistic about how few small businesses are mobile ready, I was shocked.

It took a trip down memory lane for me to understand this lagging trend.  How many people were quick to adopt the use of personal computers? How many people said that they were a waste of time?  How many small businesses were slow to adopt the use of websites? How many people thought that the Internet and websites would never catch on?  How many businesses thought that people wouldn’t ever buy products or services on the Internet?  How many small businesses think that it’s not important to have a mobile friendly website?

The statistics say that 90% of smartphone owners use their phones to check e-mail or surf the web.  Like me, most of those people are looking for easy to find information … easy navigation … easy access … in short, a mobile app or website.

Just yesterday I used my smartphone to gather information on two local restaurants, a bed-and-breakfast and a ski resort.  It was frustrating to say the least.  Only one of the four searches produced a mobile website.  Three of the website required pinching and dragging, which resulted in accidentally clicking on links and having to go back and in one case having to type in the website address 3 times.   The one mobile site was simple, it was a Godsend.  It had simple navigation, easy to find information and a cool click-to-call feature.

Come on businesses!  What are you waiting for? Get mobile friendly!

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